The Bird


The Bird Continuing on my quest for inner-peace and happiness, my road-trip, once again, has been detoured. The horrific head-on-collision caused a lot of damage & uncertainty (there was no yellow light ) leaving me abandoned &  bewildered. So much time has gone by now, its entirely evident the simple expectation of being rescued is absurd & there […]

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Where’s Waldo???!


As a mother of 4 boys it is important to know and understand how “this” all works. “This” doesn’t just happen. ”This” requires a lot of work, awareness, balance, effort, patience, acceptance, yoga & meds. Awareness is key and the first step toward inner peace. (“This” being simple survival skills of the psyche.) Due to […]

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…’cuz I gave you life, that’s why!


Like a flock of seagulls assaulting a newly-opened-bag of chips on any hot summer day at the beach, I too am attacked the second I walk thru the door by relentless pandemonium from moody teens & their imbecile statements; They attack from all angles; ‘I’m starving! Why do I have to empty the dishwasher?! SQUAWK! He’s breathing on me! […]

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…wait for it…


Its pretty sad and pathetic, that in my quest for INNER PEACE and SELF DISCOVERY my own Doctor, a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL IN THE MENTAL HEALTH INDUSTRY, could actually look at me with a straight face when offering his PROFESSIONAL advice. While looking over his notes and intensively listening to my latest concerns and steps on […]

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2015 Eat Clean!


Cheers to 2015 “EAT CLEAN” & CHEERS to choosing to live a healthy, active, well balanced life…physically & mentally…it all comes together. Here’s some healthy eating and Clean Eating tips: Try to eat 5 small meals a day or 3 meals & 2 snacks. Be sure to eat every few hours so that your metabolism runs […]

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Road Trip!


This road to self-discovery sure is LONG! All these detours, bumps, ditches, dead-ends; its cold, its dark, all uphill-I have NO idea how to get there and I don’t even have directions! WTF??!!! Everyone from the back seat is screaming at me, telling me what to do, when to do it, and sometimes even ‘where […]

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Schweddy-Ballz…eat clean!


If you haven’t seen the Saturday Night Live skit-The Delicious Dish/Schweddy Balls, you’re probably wondering, ‘wtf is she talking about?!’AND you’ve been missing out on some good stuff..I strongly urge you to watch and enjoy the Schweddy-Ball skit! Laughing is THE BEST remedy for EVERYTHING. You’ll be rolling dough, rolling meatballs, picking up golf balls and […]

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The ‘iPod-incident’


        Being a mother and raising a family is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It never occurred to me how overwhelming raising 4 boys could be! As if keeping track of them 24/7 and making sure they’re fed, clean & smart wasn’t enough, I’m responsible to make sure they’re “well-adjusted” and […]

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HARD-CORE Clothing


Happy Small-Business-Saturday!!! I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED is PROUD to announce its newest endeavor, HARD-CORE apparel. Check out our Tanks and Hoodies~ Tanks $30 Hoodies $40 HARD-CORE allows me to express my passion for what inspires me and keeps me going. TRAIN HARD. LIVE HARD. LOVE HARD. TRAIN HARD toward what inspires you to becoming happier and […]

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…maybe I AM crazy.


I’ve been told that I have NO FILTER; that I should THINK BEFORE I SPEAK; that my words are TOO STRONG…maybe you’re right…maybe I should HOLD BACK so others can feel better about themselves, maybe I should BITE MY TONGUE as to NOT draw attention to THE BIG FAT ELEPHANT in the room…maybe I should […]

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